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"Holshouser and his superb band pronounce a seamless integration of Americana, jazz and European folk, among other facets that uncannily fuse edgy improvisation with endearing soundscapes . . . The band swings, and elicits lucid imagery while using space as a vantage point. . . . Simply stated, Holshouser strikes a translucent balance . . . the entertainment factor rides high throughout this gem of a release." -- Glenn Astarita, jazzreview.com

"As a composer, he's broken out of the format."
-- Bill Beuttler, Boston Globe

"[Holshouser] successfully showcased the range and beauty of the accordion . . . his compositions are intriguing, with wayward harmonies and soft-spoken melodies that make the accordion's thin, reedy treble range sound sweet. This could be music for some fantastical Fellini film." -- Anthony Tommasini, New York Times

"Will Holshouser plays as much accordion as there is to be played." -- David Wondrich, Village Voice

"The squeezebox king of downtown." -- Time Out New York

"Accordionist Will Holshouser is the secret weapon in several of the scene's most inventive and engaging bands." -- Time Out New York

". . . the trio charms and surprises at the same time . . . A revelation." -- Thierry Lepin, Jazzman * * * * (France)

"Accordionist Will Holshouser makes a convincing bid for recognition on Reed Song . . . enduring compositions . . . dynamic interplay . . . the compositional and instrumental diversity makes for a remarkably broad palette." -- Jay Collins, Signal to Noise

"Holshouser is perhaps one of the few modern accordionists able to re-unite various styles with jazz . . . 'eccentric jazz' or 'new folk' could be two approaches to describing this most beautiful CD."-- Vittorio Albani, allaboutjazz.com/italy * * * *

"Accordion virtuoso Will Holshouser fashions an offbeat, richly textured trio concept on Reed Song . . . there's a wonderfully romantic quality to these ten original pieces. . . Holshouser knows how to eschew categories, refurbish old-world sounds, and grab the ear with airy, attractive melodies."
-- David R. Adler, All Music Guide * * * *

"Will Holshouser demonstrates with this album his talent, originality and a true musical richness with his trio . . . a jazz symphony . . . there is virtuosity, emotion, orginality." -- Accordeon (France)

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